[phobos] std.log ready for review!

Steve Schveighoffer schveiguy at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 05:55:52 PST 2012

If you want to be the review manager, just drag your icon to the item you want to manage in trello (I saw you joined the board).  Maybe also put a comment indicating that you are the review manager (there appears to be no way to designate a role for someone in a particular card).  Then when you wish to announce to the NG, just move it to the "In Review" list.

Note that the ordering of lists is pertinent, meaning they aren't in just some random order.  Any new cards added to the ready to review queue should go at the bottom.  I arbitrarily chose the order when I created the std.log and std.uuid cards, so I think it's fine if they got reordered.

I think the agreement was that we would only review one item at a time, but I don't know if that was a mandate from Andrei or a consensus.  Is that what should happen or should we allow more than one review at a time?


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> Okay, seems like we have an abundance of modules ready to review, but are 
> lacking review managers. Given that the Thrift/D code is submitted for upstream 
> inclusion and its to-do list is currently empty, I'd be happy to help out – 
> but which module do we want to review first? std.log has been in the queue 
> forever (but was previously postponed due to Jose being unavailable), std.uuid 
> is small (but parts of it depend on not-yet-in-Phobos hashing code), and Jacob 
> Carlborg is waiting for feedback on Orange…
> David
> On 2/9/12 3:31 AM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
>>  Who would want to be the review manager for this and UUID?
>>  Andrei
>>  On 2/7/12 5:02 AM, Jose Armando Garcia wrote:
>>>  Hey all,
>>>  The module std.log is finally ready for review. I would like to put it
>>>  in the review queue for phobos. Here are some links for your
>>>  documentation:
>>>  1. HTML Documentation:
>>>  http://jsancio.github.com/phobos/phobos/std_log.html
>>>  2. Source code: https://github.com/jsancio/phobos/blob/log/std/log.d
>>>  The module should work as is with the latest druntime. I would really
>>>  appreciate it if you can try it and comment on the implementation.
>>>  Thanks,
>>>  -Jose
>>>  PS. It has been a while since I tested it in Windows but it should
>>>  work. I am going to spend some time validating that OS.
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