[phobos] Anyone wants to receive github messages here?

Andrei Alexandrescu via phobos phobos at puremagic.com
Wed Dec 7 07:56:45 PST 2016

Oh you're right. In my defense, in Romanian and a few other languages, 
double negation counts as a negation. In vernacular English as well, I 
should add: "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

So what I meant was... I'm fine with disabling the notifications.


On 12/07/2016 09:03 AM, Walter Bright via phobos wrote:
> You, sir, are employing a double negative! Andrei, I presume you meant
> "no, I don't disagree with disabling them", with a fine use of quadruple
> negatives.
> On 12/7/2016 5:39 AM, Andrei Alexandrescu via phobos wrote:
>> Yes please. -- Andrei
>> On 12/07/2016 08:28 AM, Martin Nowak via phobos wrote:
>>> Anyone disagrees with disabling them?
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