John Reimer terminal.node at
Wed Feb 14 08:10:06 PST 2007

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007 01:40:26 +0100, Alberto wrote:

>> Would imagine you'll have some difficulty building the examples?
> Now I can compile every tango example without problems with build, but
> with the build-all.bat I have some problem.
> for example, if I did something like (cutted from build.all):
> C:\dmd\tango\example> dmd conduits\composite.d
> ..\tango\io\protocol\Reader.d ..\tango\io\Buffer.d
> ..\tango\io\model\IBuffer.d ..\tango\io\model\IConduit.d
> ..\tango\io\protocol\model\IReader.d
> ..\tango\io\protocol\model\IProtocol.d ..\tango\io\protocol\Writer.d
> ..\tango\io\FileConst.d ..\tango\io\protocol\model\IWriter.d
> ..\tango\io\FileConduit.d ..\tango\sys\Common.d  ..\tango\io\FileProxy.d
> ..\tango\io\FilePath.d ..\tango\text\convert\Utf.d
> ..\tango\io\DeviceConduit.d ..\tango\io\Conduit.d -I.. -op
> I get:
> ..\tango\io\FileProxy.obj(FileProxy)
>  Error 42: Symbol Undefined
> _D5tango4util4time3Utc3Utc7convertFS5tango3sys5win325Types8FIL
> ETIMEZE5tango4core4Type4Time
> --- errorlevel 1
> The same happens with system\argparser.d and all other conduits examples.

I actually think I'll have to remove the build-all.bat eventually because,
if you are using the svn latest code, the code changes end up
rendering build-all quite useless. 

It the meantime, if you use windows, you can use the jake version of it
(jake-all.bat) and it sould succeed.  rebuild also appears to work well. 
I haven't tried bud, but it will probably work too.


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