Getting whether it's Tango or Phobos

Chris R. Miller lordSaurontheGreat at
Mon May 19 21:37:31 PDT 2008

Sean Kelly wrote:
> Robert Fraser wrote:
>> That requires the user to specify -version=Tango . I'm looking for 
>> something that can be compiled with either Tango or Phobos without 
>> asking anything of the user.
> Tango actually requires that version=Tango be set for the installation 
> to be considered complete.  I suppose we could enforce this by adding a 
> static failure condition to Tango's object.d file, but I'd like to think 
> that making it a default part of the bundled Tango installs and 
> documenting the requirement in our manual install docs would be sufficient.

I also wonder how that would behave with Tangobos, which could cause 
issues with Phobos code expecting a version=Phobos, which would conflict 
with version=Tango.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but that could present a problem.

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