Derelict on Ubuntu with CODE::BLOCKS

RegeleIONESCU regeleionescu at
Thu May 3 03:18:02 UTC 2018

On Monday, 11 December 2017 at 07:34:47 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> On Sunday, 10 December 2017 at 16:50:10 UTC, RegeleIONESCU 
> wrote:
>> [...]
> My advice is to ditch Code::Blocks and use something like VS 
> Code or Sublime Text in conjunction with DUB. It's by far the 
> easiest way to get started with D, particularly for someone who 
> as little practical experience with compilers and linkers. Then 
> you don't have to worry about "installing" Derelict. You can 
> get the Ubuntu packages for the C libraries you need via 
> apt-get on Ubuntu, then use DUB to manage and build your 
> project. Piece of cake compared to doing it all by hand.
> [...]

Hello every body!

I know it is four months old thread. But now I found the 
solution! :)

As Mike Parker suggested, DUB + Sublime is the solution. DUB 
works so simple, so nice! DUB works like a charm it imports by 
itself all the needed libraries and does lots of other stuff.

The only problem I have with DUB is that all added dependencies 
are "old". For example added dependency "derelict-sdl2" is 
version="~>2.1.4" while on DUB site the last version is 
3.1.0-alpha.3. I tried the --upgrade plus --prerelease option but 
the dependencies remain the same. I tried to write myself the 
version in the dub.sdl but I get errors related to other 
packages. Is there anyway to make DUB automatically use the 
latest version of a dependency?

Thank you all for your kind support!

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