Derelict on Ubuntu with CODE::BLOCKS

Mike Parker aldacron at
Thu May 3 06:33:53 UTC 2018

On Thursday, 3 May 2018 at 03:18:02 UTC, RegeleIONESCU wrote:

> The only problem I have with DUB is that all added dependencies 
> are "old". For example added dependency "derelict-sdl2" is 
> version="~>2.1.4" while on DUB site the last version is 
> 3.1.0-alpha.3. I tried the --upgrade plus --prerelease option 
> but the dependencies remain the same. I tried to write myself 
> the version in the dub.sdl but I get errors related to other 
> packages. Is there anyway to make DUB automatically use the 
> latest version of a dependency?

You an control that with precision, specifying specific versions 
if you want. But with Derelict, if you're using mulitple Derelict 
package you have to make sure that all of them depend on the same 
major version of DerelictUtil.

If you paste your full dependency list here, exactly as it's 
written in your package configuration, I might be able to help 

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