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> In my view, the most important thing is the decision you've 
> already made - to pick a programming language and learn it in a 
> reasonable bit of depth. Which programming language you choose is 
> less important. No matter which choice you make you'll have the 
> opportunity to learn skills that will transfer to other 
> programming languages.

Knowing what a given programming language is best for is core here: so no
using Prolog to try and write an operating system on real hardware.

Knowing many paradigms well is proven experimentally (see the work by Petre,
Green, Gilmore, and others) to improve capability in any given language. So
knowing Java, Prolog, Lisp, Python, SQL, C, Go, Rust, D, Kotlin, Groovy, Ruby
to a goodly level of competence makes you a better programmer in any one of

So no matter which language you learn always plan to learn others. In this
sense C and D are equal, but for applications I'd choose D over C.

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