Blog post about multidimensional arrays in D

p.shkadzko p.shkadzko at
Fri Mar 27 10:57:10 UTC 2020

I decided to write a small blog post about multidimensional 
arrays in D on what I learnt so far. It should serve as a brief 
introduction to Mir slices and how to do basic manipulations with 
them. It started with a small file with snippets for personal use 
but then kind of escalated into an idea of a blog post.

However, given the limited about of time I spent in Mir docs and 
their conciseness, it would be great if anyone had a second look 
and tell me what is wrong or missing because I have a feeling a 
lot of things might. It would be a great opportunity for me to 
learn and also improve it or rewrite some parts.

All is here:

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