[dmd-beta] dmd 1.058 and 2.043 beta

Robert Clipsham robert at octarineparrot.com
Wed Apr 7 08:46:42 PDT 2010

On 07/04/10 07:22, Walter Bright wrote:
> Ok, I figured out what went wrong with the last beta, the new posix
> makefiles put the libraries in a different directory. This is corrected
> now.
> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd1beta.zip
> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd2beta.zip

Before the final release of this is there any chance you could include 
some of the patches in bugzilla, or comment on why they haven't been 
included? There's 68 issues that aren't enhancements in bugzilla that 
have patches, I know you've commented on a few of them, it would be nice 
to have some feedback on them though. I wouldn't expect you to include 
all of them for obvious reasons, it'd be nice if you could gradually 
filter through them though.

http://goo.gl/ViGD (Sorry for shortening it, it spanned 5 lines 
otherwise though)

I know this release is primarily to fix the memory corruption issues, 
I'd still like to see some of these included though (such as the debug 
info patches I wrote, otherwise I'll have to keep using my patched 
version of dmd :s)

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