[dmd-beta] Last (really, this time I mean it!) D2 beta 2.057

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at gmx.com
Fri Dec 9 00:45:52 PST 2011

On Thursday, December 08, 2011 23:48:43 Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> On Friday, December 09, 2011 08:42:26 Andrej Mitrovic wrote:
> > I don't get it, I can't build DustMite on 2.057:
> > D:\DMD\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\phobos\std\file.d(3710): Error: f
> > unction std.file.isDir is deprecated
> > 
> > But it calls isDir on a string, which should forward to the isDir
> > function which isn't deprecated. :s
> It's _not_ being called on a string. It's being called on a uint, and the
> version of isDir which took a uint was deprecated with this release (due to
> not being able to overload property functions with non-property functions).
> But the usage wasn't caught, because Phobos is built -d. I'm fixing it now.

Fixed: https://github.com/D-Programming-

- Jonathan M Davis

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