[dmd-beta] Last (really, this time I mean it!) D2 beta 2.057

Don Clugston dclugston at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 9 00:57:52 PST 2011

On 9 December 2011 08:56, Jacob Carlborg <doob at me.com> wrote:
> On 09 Dec, 2011,at 08:48 AM, Walter Bright <walter at digitalmars.com> wrote:
> On 12/8/2011 11:43 PM, Andrej Mitrovic wrote:
>> Well yeah, it's the classic synchronized(WalterMutex) condition..
> If you have a suggestion for speeding up the beta process, I'd like to hear
> it.
> Yes, create a public beta branch. When you think it's time to put out a new
> release, branch out to the beta branch. Only fixes for regressions (or what
> you/someone decides) is allowed in the beta branch. Everyone else can
> continue to work on the main branch, nothing gets stalled.

A minor downside of that, is it would mean that releases aren't made
from the main branch. Which might make things like bisecting a bit

One of the challenges is that we want to run all the tests on the
development branch, as well as on the release branch.
OTOH if we had a dedicated release branch, that was only ever used for
pushing release candidates, it could run a different set of tests. For
example, it could check that all of Diemos compiles, and also a set of
"blessed" projects, eg SciD. That would be a major step to a more
structured release process.

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