[dmd-beta] cherry-picking regression fixes for point releases

Andrew Edwards edwards.ac at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 19:33:26 PDT 2014

The case was made that it is absolutely necessary to retain the release 
branches in order to simplify preparation for point releases. And, while 
I initially argued against it, I do not see how it is possible to create 
the point release without doing so. However I strongly believe that 
resolutions to these regressions should first be implemented the oldest 
supported version (currently 2.065.1) and then merged forward to master. 
My reasoning? Read on!

I conducted a search on bugzilla for all regressions RESOLVED as FIXED 
after 2014-02-23 using the following:


I figured I'd cherry-pick each into the 2.065 branch (starting the the 
oldest) as long as they were marked as regressions to v2.065.0 or older. 
Note that this approach does not correctly identify all regressions that 
needs to be included in a point release (see issue #12264 which is also 
fixes #12262). Anyway, I commenced by checking out the branch and 
issuing the command:

     git cherry-pick -m 1 53bec85

This specific pick is the merger of pull request #3339 which resolves 
(Issue 12243 - "ICE: cannot append 'char' to 'string'" with -inline). 
Immediately I encountered a merge conflict so I investigated the 
resolution and came across the following:

The pull essentially changes lines 1420 through 1425 of src/inline.c [a 
part of visitCallExp(CallExp*, Expression*) implementation]

 From ---------->

         if (eresult && e->type->ty != Tvoid &&
             !e->type->equals(eresult->type) &&
             eresult->type->hasWild() && !e->type->hasWild())
             eresult = eresult->copy();
             eresult->type = e->type;

To ---------->

         if (eresult && e->type->ty != Tvoid)
             Expression *ex = eresult;
             while (ex->op == TOKcomma)
                 ex->type = e->type;
                 ex = ((CommaExp *)ex)->e2;
             ex->type = e->type;

So far so good. Now cross-reference this to the version of src/inline.c 
from v2.065.0 and you will find that the function visitCallExp() does 
not exist. Further the function resident at the same location in the 
older version of the file [Expression * 
SliceExp::inlineScan(InlineScanState *iss){}] does not exist anywhere in 
the newer version (neither is any of a number of inlineScan() related 
implementations surrounding it). As such, it is not possible to pick 
this fix in preparation for v2.065.1.

What is the proper resolution for this problem in the context of the 
2.065 branch?

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