Could we have support for D in upcomming Fedora's gcc RPM?

Dejan Lekic dejan.lekic at
Thu May 10 22:49:26 PDT 2007

Anders, what I would like to have is a replacement of the Fedora's GCC RPM with D language enabled. It would probably be in the gcc-d RPM package...
I dared not to build GCC manually, and replace system's GCC with new one - have you tried it? - If the system is still stable I will most likely do that, and when I have enough time I'll go into hacking the original, Fedora's SPEC file and include support for making a GCC-D package... I have already tried it, but did not put lot of effort in it - there are ~50 patches in that RPM and some D patches collide with those in Fedora's GCC package...
Sure, if I succeed I'll send a post here. :D

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