Updates to D graph library

ilya-stromberg ilya-stromberg-2009 at yandex.ru
Fri Sep 13 01:45:43 PDT 2013

On Friday, 13 September 2013 at 08:20:38 UTC, Joseph Rushton 
Wakeling wrote:
> On Friday, 13 September 2013 at 07:49:49 UTC, ilya-stromberg 
> wrote:
>> Do you have any plans to change license from GPLv3 to 
>> something more liberal like Boost, MIT or BSD? Without this 
>> it's impossible to use your library for commercial purposes.
> The licence is GPLv3+ because the code is closely influenced by 
> igraph, which is GPLv3-licensed. It's not like there's 
> copy-pasting, but it's not clean-room either, so offering a 
> permissive licence might put users in an invidious situation if 
> the igraph authors chose to make an issue of it. Unlikely, but 
> better safe than sorry.
> If anyone wants to use it in a commercial application the best 
> thing probably to let me know and I can discuss with the igraph 
> authors. I will probably do so anyway once the library is more 
> feature-complete, less out of concern for commercial apps than 
> in order not to be incompatible with other free licenses.

I see. You can use Boost Graph Library (BGL) as a initial point. 
It's under Boost license that allows commercial usage.

Also, it would be nice to have graph library in Phobos in a 
future, and in that case module must be under Boost license.

But yes, you can try to contact igraph authors - maybe they let 
you change the license.

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