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Jesse Phillips jessekphillips at
Sat Apr 5 22:33:25 PDT 2008

On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 07:39:58 +0900, Bill Baxter wrote:

> Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>> Bill Baxter wrote:
>>> I think this install instruction needs some re-writing:
>>> """
>>> 1. Do one of the following
>>>     * Download the latest Tango compatible DMD version (for now
>>> 1.025). At number 10 do the first moment
>>>     * Alternative download DMD from the Tango website bundled with
>>> Tango - At
>>> number 10 do the second moment.
>>> """
>>> In particular the phrase "At number 10 do the {first,second} moment"
>>> doesn't really make sense in English.  What is that supposed to mean?
>>> (BTW I did get DWT installed anyway.)
>>> --bb
>> English is not my native language and I didn't know what to call it but
>> feel free to change it.
>> What I mean is that when you are at step (or what to call it) 10 you
>> should only do one of the two things and it depends on what you did at
>> step 1.
>> If you do "Download the latest Tango compatible DMD version (for now
>> 1.025). At number 10 do the first moment" then at step 10 you should do
>> "Download and install the latest SVN trunk of Tango".
>> Do you understand it better now? Maybe you can formulate it in a better
>> way or someone else.
> Ok.  That does make more sense.  I'll try to clean it up.
> But is it really necessary to use SVN tango currently?
> And if it is necessary then what's the advantage of downloading Tango's
> version of DMD if you're only going to replace tango? Seems the
> alternate way to install DMD just makes things more confusing than they
> need to be.
> --bb

no, actually it is now Franky? 0.95 that should be used for Tango, so 
that can be updated.

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