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Jesse Phillips wrote:
> On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 07:39:58 +0900, Bill Baxter wrote:
>> Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>> Bill Baxter wrote:
>>>> I think this install instruction needs some re-writing:
>>>> """
>>>> 1. Do one of the following
>>>>     * Download the latest Tango compatible DMD version (for now
>>>> 1.025). At number 10 do the first moment
>>>>     * Alternative download DMD from the Tango website bundled with
>>>> Tango - At
>>>> number 10 do the second moment.
>>>> """
>>>> In particular the phrase "At number 10 do the {first,second} moment"
>>>> doesn't really make sense in English.  What is that supposed to mean?
>>>> (BTW I did get DWT installed anyway.)
>>>> --bb
>>> English is not my native language and I didn't know what to call it but
>>> feel free to change it.
>>> What I mean is that when you are at step (or what to call it) 10 you
>>> should only do one of the two things and it depends on what you did at
>>> step 1.
>>> If you do "Download the latest Tango compatible DMD version (for now
>>> 1.025). At number 10 do the first moment" then at step 10 you should do
>>> "Download and install the latest SVN trunk of Tango".
>>> Do you understand it better now? Maybe you can formulate it in a better
>>> way or someone else.
>> Ok.  That does make more sense.  I'll try to clean it up.
>> But is it really necessary to use SVN tango currently?
>> And if it is necessary then what's the advantage of downloading Tango's
>> version of DMD if you're only going to replace tango? Seems the
>> alternate way to install DMD just makes things more confusing than they
>> need to be.
>> --bb
> no, actually it is now Franky? 0.95 that should be used for Tango, so 
> that can be updated.

I tried to update the instructions, but I've had to give up for the time 
being because it's just too frustrating trying to get wikis to do what 
you want.  In particular it seems impossible to get the formatting right 
with nested lists since there's no token for "end this list here".  It 
tries to be smart and guess, and is invariably wrong it seems.  Grrr.

Here's what I tried in wiki syntax:


Installation of DWT requires a '''D 1.x compiler''', and '''Tango'''. 
'''Mercurial''' and  '''DSSS''' are also highly recommended.

  A. Install '''D 1.x Compiler'''[[BR]]There are several ways to get the 
D compiler.  Two possible ways are:
  * Download from !DigitalMars 
( (Current version 1.028)
  * Download Tango bundled with DMD - If you choose 
this option, obviously you can skip step B below, installing Tango.
  [[BR]]Hints on installing DMD:
  * Put the DMD files in a directory path without spaces
  * Put dmd/bin in some environment variable to be able to access DMD 
from the command line/terminal
  B. Install '''Tango'''[[BR]]
     Instructions for installing Tango are here:
  C. Install '''DSSS'''[[BR]]
     1. Download latest DSSS -
     2. Unpack DSSS in directory path without spaces
     3. Put dsss/bin in some environment variable to be able to access 
DSSS from the command line/terminal
     4. Open dsss/etc/rebuild/default with a text editor
     5. Change to one of the following:
        * profile=dmd-win-tango
        * profile=dmd-posix-tango
     6. Change the oneatatime option in the DSSS compiler profile 
(dmd-win-tango or dmd-posix-tango) to oneatatime=off (twice) 
(Recommended for faster builds)
  D. Install '''Mercurial'''[[BR]]
     For more info see here -
  E. Install '''DWT'''[[BR]]
     1. In the command line/terminal change to the directory you want to 
download DWT to
     2. Download DWT by running from the command line one of the 
following commands:
      hg clone
      hg clone
     3. (Windows only) Download some additional libraries and put them 
in dmd/lib - 
     4. In the command line/terminal, change into the newly created 
directory dwt-linux or dwt-win
     5. Run "dsss build" to build DWT
     6. Run "dsss install" to install DWT. After the installation 
process you should be able to build a dwt application with dsss anywhere 
in your system and you DON'T have to rename anything.
  F. Testing your '''DWT''' installation[[BR]]
     1. You can test DWT with the following example:
module main;

import dwt.widgets.Display;
import dwt.widgets.Shell;

void main ()
	Display display = new Display;
	Shell shell = new Shell(display);

	shell.setText = "Hello DWT World";;

	while (!shell.isDisposed)
		if (!display.readAndDispatch)

     2. Put the above code in a new file "main.d" into another 
     3. Create a minimal file named "dsss.conf" in the same directory as 
     4. Run "dsss build" in the same directory as above[[BR]]
        In case you get linker errors verify that:
        * on windows, that the location of the import libs is known to 
dsss also. To be sure you can give that path to dsss with -S"path"
        * that you did "dsss install" after building dwt
     5. Run main


And attached is a mostly converted html version that does format properly.

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