Just outright stunninly confusing

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 19:11:13 PST 2008

Ty Tower wrote:
> You guys may understand what you are doing but others will not
> Its a mess and as a priority , you need to re-organise it and get it understandable and give clear instructions for the use of what you want people to use and help with
> I have 2 directories now
> dwt-linux  and 
> dwt-linux -examples
> Working in the examples directory it cant find files that are in dwt-linux directory 
> If these directories have to be combined in some way say so
> I've asked it before - do I have to copy anything over to get examples to compile?

I understand your frustration.

First, I want to say this: none of dwt would be here without Frank's 
astonishing porting skills (and determination); I was way too slow at 
porting the main source so I pretty much had to stick to working out a 
solution for one internal (albeit important... or at least I keep 
telling myself that ;)) piece to the puzzle while Frank progressed full 
steam ahead on the rest of the library. It seems he developed some 
serious porting know-how through his previous attempts with tioport. 
I'm still dazzled by what he's done in such a short amount of time. 
Simply amazing.

So, right now, I'm pretty thankful we have what we got right now: two 
almost complete ports of dwt!  Wow! ... but that's what you'd see if you 
were looking at it from my perspective. :)

DWT does need to be seen as legitimate by the outside world (in this 
case the D Community). From the users perspective, I see a lot of things 
lacking, and I'm very hopeful and motivated to get these things 
straightened out.  I don't like knowing that this it extremely confusing 
to the user and my goal is to make it NOT so. You are absolutely right, 
Ty.  But like Jesse said, the project is still in its beginnings despite 
the looks of it. Please be patient with us as we try to get organized. :)

Things I'd like to see happen with the DWT project:

* A simple way to install the library for D users, with simple 
instructions.  This is important but difficult because D users do not 
always install dsss, tango, or dmd in the same way. Thus, one set of 
instructions are sure to bring about conflicts in unexpected ways. I 
would like to simplify this /somehow/, however, and make the process 

* A better web presentation... I would love to see something in line 
with Tango's wiki. I don't have those kind of design skills, but perhaps 
enough interest will attract the talent necessary to do that.

* A DWT logo.  I'm impressed with Tango's logo.  I want DWT to look good 
too :).

* Someday... I dream of a Mac OS X port of DWT: having one would 
complete the picture for DWT meeting GUI development needs for the three 
major platforms.  All we need now is for someone to donate a Mac OS X 
laptop to Frank so he can work his wonders on that... ;)

* ... and we still need a JFace equivalent for DWT.


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