Just outright stunninly confusing

Ty Tower tytower at hotmail.com.au
Wed Feb 13 14:11:03 PST 2008

Jesse Phillips Wrote:
> dwt-linux and dwt-win are library projects. They require compilation into 
> a library and then installation. What installation means depends on the 
> platform used. Linux installation is placing the libraries into the 
> appropriate system location for libraries, ie /usr/local/lib and /usr/
> local/include. This process can be done by calling $ sudo dsss install. 
> This will then allow projects from any location find the libraries when 
> requested. There is no need for file renaming of any kind, and if this is 
> how you resolve the problem then installation was not properly done.
> Note that it is important to make sure tango is in fact installed 
> correctly before using dwt. Also note that Frank and John have said that 
> it currently is a mess and they hope to clean things up. The project is 
> at very early stages of development and it is to be expected there will 
> be problems. That is not to say that explaining your problems and trying 
> to get help is bad, but there is no need to hurry them to making it easy 
> to install when the project is still in alpha.

Alright Jesse . That's fine Please read my post replying to John
I have been warned and am here as an experimenter. Can't experiment until I can get the examples compiled and this seems to be an internal issue that needs resolution.

The backside licking approach is not going to get me any further along . I am giving a users impression which is what all new projects need. No?

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