The Cross Plattform DWT

John Reimer terminal.node at
Sun Jan 20 11:59:09 PST 2008

doob wrote:

> Frank Benoit wrote:
>> Bjoern schrieb:
>>> Does it make sense, to port the SWT snippets ?
>>> this ones :
>> Sure, that would be great.
>> I you want to start, please talk to me first.
>> So I can prepare the sources in the same way, i did it on the rest.
>> As said in the dwt-linux homepage, in the moment i am working on the
>> examples.
>> this ones:
>> Frank
> This is great news and I would be happy to help. I can help testing both
> the linux and windows version. Any plans on an osx version?

Yes, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Testing, of course, is good...
but if you have any expertise (especially on win32)... please let us know.

OS X would be great!  But it's way more than we can tackle at this point. 
But, if you (or somebody else) is interested in doing such a port, then
Frank should be able to get you started. :)


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