How many people / projects are using Tango now?

kar akmalxxx at
Wed Mar 18 18:57:46 PDT 2009

Spacen Jasset Wrote:

> How many people / projects are using Tango at this time?
> I am considering switching over to tango instead of phobos due to 
> missing features, but mainly I think because of bugs that don't seem to 
> get fixed.
> I had a look round for a "poll" on my question but couldn't really see 
> one. It seems to me that most people are using tango now though, for any 
> amount of 'serious' work.

im currently at 80% of development for commercial Web scale Search Engine (algorithm based) with full integrated indexer and crawler. at first i was using phobos then lack of features slowdown the dev so i switch to tango and speed up 50% of dev time. expect to launch it in 1-2 months. Tango net codes really helps.

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