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H. S. Teoh hsteoh at
Tue Jan 17 11:09:24 PST 2012

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 07:13:02PM +0100, Matej Nanut wrote:
> On 17 January 2012 19:07, H. S. Teoh <hsteoh at> wrote:
> > Andrei's book ("The D Programming Language") is quite thorough in
> > explaining these D constructs. It's a highly recommended buy if you're
> > doing serious work in D.
> I've been thinking on getting that for a while now. How up to date is it?
> Or does it explain such general concepts that I shouldn't be worried
> about that at all? Everyone seems to be recommending it so I don't see
> why I shouldn't get it. A free university period is also coming up, so that
> might be a great way to spend my available time.

Well, D2 is a fast-evolving language, so any book can't possibly be 100%
up to date. :) But having said that, what's covered in the book is
pretty close to the current state of D2. The basics haven't changed, so
you don't really have to worry about that. When you get to the level
where it starts to matter, you probably don't need the book anymore (or
only need it for reference) anyway. :)

> I'm definitely serious about learning and using D. I've been impressed
> with it since I first saw it and I intend to do as much work with it
> as possible.

I've also been impressed with D since I first stumbled across it late
last year. I've been using C/C++ for almost 2 decades, but after tasting
D's power in a recent small project, I have to confess that I just can't
go back to C/C++ for my personal projects anymore. The more I use D the
more I like it.

> I'm not _doing_ any serious work with it yet, though. In fact, none of
> the work I do could be considered very serious at all.  :)

Isn't that how we all start out, though? Tinker with the language in toy
projects that eventually become the basis for something more serious.


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