Setting up Dlang Environment

Mike Brown at
Sat Aug 17 20:42:41 UTC 2019

Hi All,

I've tried installing and setting up Dlang a few times now. I'm 
struggling to get it reliable and to a decent environment in 

I don't really want to make this thread about specific issues - 
Id very much like to know if there's a decent tutorial or guide 
to setup Dlang?

* I'd like to get the basic's down solid (One of my issues is a 
linker issue on release but not debug, etc)

* A decent IDE which allows debugging, understanding the stack 
traces, step through etc?

* The package management, Should I be using DUB or doing 
packaging etc with make files etc?

I appriciate some of this is down to choice, but an idiots guide 
and recommended practises - to setting up the above so I can just 
get on with coding would be great.

Kind Regards,

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