Best way to learn 2d games with D?

Steven Schveighoffer schveiguy at
Sun Mar 15 18:45:14 UTC 2020

On 3/15/20 2:14 PM, bauss wrote:
> On Sunday, 15 March 2020 at 17:58:58 UTC, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
>> I want to try and learn how to write 2d games. I'd prefer to do it 
>> with D.
>> I've found a ton of tutorials on learning 2d gaming with other 
>> languages. Is there a place to look that uses D for learning? Should I 
>> just start with another language and then migrate to D later? Anyone 
>> recommend any specific tutorial/book?
> The theory is the same in any language ex. if you can write a 2d game in 
> C++ chances are you can do it in D as well but you could probably apply 
> the same theory to C, Java, Python etc.
> So for D what you really need to be familiar with, is just the library 
> you're using.
> The theory for a 2d game is rather simple though.
> You have a loop on the main thread (or ui thread) and within that you 
> handle events, clear the screen, draw the graphics and repeat pretty much.


> I would recommend using Derelict and SDL with D since it's the most mature.
> If you can get a SDL application running and at the very least showing a 
> window then I won't mind helping you in the right direction.
> It should be trivial using the guides available at the derelict docs.

Thanks, I'm pretty much starting from zero as I have very little 
experience in what is necessary to actually do the drawing parts, or how 
to store/manipulate sprites etc. I've got a lot of experience in GUI 
design, but getting the rendering to work, making sure it's fast enough, 
etc. seems like something I'd rather leave to someone else (i.e. 

I was looking at the lispysnake stuff, and realizing I have no idea what 
any of the blogs are talking about. The D gaming libraries seem to come 
from the perspective of "Oh, you know how to write games, here's how you 
do it in D". I kind of need a "here's how you write 2d games" which uses 
D as a way to show it.

I think I'll probably just use a straight tutorial with another language 
and then move on to D. But thank you for the offer, I might take you up 
on it later.


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