Blog post about multidimensional arrays in D

p.shkadzko p.shkadzko at
Fri Mar 27 14:18:13 UTC 2020

On Friday, 27 March 2020 at 13:10:00 UTC, jmh530 wrote:
> On Friday, 27 March 2020 at 10:57:10 UTC, p.shkadzko wrote:
>> I decided to write a small blog post about multidimensional 
>> arrays in D on what I learnt so far. It should serve as a 
>> brief introduction to Mir slices and how to do basic 
>> manipulations with them. It started with a small file with 
>> snippets for personal use but then kind of escalated into an 
>> idea of a blog post.
>> However, given the limited about of time I spent in Mir docs 
>> and their conciseness, it would be great if anyone had a 
>> second look and tell me what is wrong or missing because I 
>> have a feeling a lot of things might. It would be a great 
>> opportunity for me to learn and also improve it or rewrite 
>> some parts.
>> All is here: 
> Thanks for doing this.
> A small typo on this line
> a.byDim1;
> I think there would be a lot of value in doing another blogpost 
> to cover some more advanced topics. For instance, mir supports 
> three different SliceKinds and the documentation explaining the 
> difference has never been very clear. I don't really feel like 
> I've ever had a clear understanding of the low-level 
> differences between them. The pack/ipack/unpack functions are 
> also pretty hard to understand from the documentation.

I agree. I was planning to do several follow-ups after this first 
brief overview. For example, looks like just one "byDim" requires 
a separate post.

The goal was just to show ppl who know nothing or a little about 
D and Mir that Mir exists and is usable. Because what I am 
lacking is not the API docs but introductory examples how to do 
mundane tasks like creating matrices and reshaping. Treat the 
first post as such and if you have suggestions on what is 
redundant or good to have I shall update it accordingly.

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