Could Tk be D's ideal widget set?

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Oct 8 02:59:26 PDT 2006

Mars wrote:

> It seems many people is trying to give D a decent widget set without
> much success. However I'm wondering why nobody has tried with Tk.

It used to be that much of the actual GUI still ran in Tcl, inside it...
Normally when I think of Tcl/Tk, I think of those horrible gray boxes.

I think it is more stand-alone these days, and it also seems prettier ?
Didn't see any high-level widgets like HTML or OpenGL containers, but.

> So... could Tk become D's GUI library of choice too? Or am I missing 
> something?

An initial implementation, perhaps ?

Porting tcl.h/tk.h and a "Hello World" over to D, would be nice start.
(I think using embedded Tcl would be the simplest way to get started...)

This is what it looks like on Mac OS X, linking to Tcl/Tk frameworks:
(I used the "Wishkit" binary distribution, using libs would work too)

You could of course internalize the Tcl code into D (or Python or Perl),
but it would still look pretty similar from a high-level usage aspect...

I prefer wx over tk myself, but having a little choice never hurts* ?
And as for the offical DMD library, that is already chosen to be DWT.


* Python also does both of tkInter and wxPython, for example.

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