More phpBB like forum?

Kyle Furlong kylefurlong at
Wed Dec 10 09:14:08 PST 2008

Gregor Richards wrote:
> Daniel White wrote:
>> However, for many people who don't have these readers (and don't want
>> to try one yet)
> Waitin' 'til '91 or so to see if this whole "Internet" thing pans out?
>  - Gregor Richards

Actually Gregor, the opposite is true. You're implying that anyone 
should have a newsreader by now, but in fact, my generation knows little 
about newsgroups, since by the time we came on the scene the internet 
had passed them by in favor of html based forums.

Do a census of 26-19 year olds, even tech-savvy ones, and you wont find 
a significant portion with the capability or know how to browse newsgroups.

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