dmd platform support - poll

Sean Kelly sean at
Sun Dec 28 08:47:21 PST 2008

Walter Bright wrote:
> John Reimer wrote:
>> Wired is not necessarily backwards. :)  Despite the tangly lines, it's 
>> just easier to keep secure.
> There are more reasons to like wireds. Plug the wire in, and it works, 
> you're up on the LAN. With wireless, there's usually 3-5 minutes of 
> fiddling to get connected. And if it won't connect, you have no idea 
> why, so you go cold boot the machine, cold boot the wireless access 
> point, hold the antenna up, etc. Phui.

Interference can be a huge problem as well.  Basically all in-home 
devices use the same spectrum, and it's not uncommon for cordless phones 
to knock a WiFi laptop offline, etc.  And then there's house 
construction.  My parents used to live in an older house with plaster 
walls, and plaster walls are laid on steel mesh to hold the plaster in 
place.  They may as well have been living in a giant Faraday cage as far 
as WiFi was concerned.  Wireless is a great option, but if I *can* run a 
wire easily from the router to wherever then it's definitely preferred.


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