Finalizing D2

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Sat May 23 11:20:14 PDT 2009

BCS wrote:
> Hello Andrei,
>> * unnecessarily clunky and low-level. Also, somehow Walter
>> thinks that std.dateparse has absolutely nothing to do with date.
> My company has this little project that I wrote in c#:
> Would anyone be interested in it being ported to D? Right now we are 
> trying to sell the c# version (no takers yet) so I'd have to talk to 
> them about it.

Looks interesting, but probably a long shot since a D port would 
cannibalize your employer's business.

It should be noted that D already has a solid date parser in 
std.dateparse, written by Walter himself (and he does know how to write 
  a parser).

>> * std.mmfile: integrate with the garbage collector. It should be
>> there.
> If you are talking putting it in std.gc or whatever its called now, that 
> is one of the last places I'd look for this. If you are *only* talking 
> about just hooks into the GC to un-map stuff, I'm fine with that.
>> * std.socket, std.socketstream: We need a real networking library.
> what would it do on top of what that does?

I haven't studied it, but Walter said he doesn't like it and I trust 
him. Anyhow, we'd need to create at least full range integration and 
support for protocols such as http, ftp, ssh, and imap. Today's 
languages load a webpage in one line, and that's great so we need to do 
that. It's even better to be able to process the webpage while it's 
loading (concurrency!), so we want to do that as well.


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