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Lutger Blijdestijn lutger.blijdestijn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 05:49:28 PDT 2012

Denis Shelomovskij wrote:

> I think it will be great to have a single place for all D related
> projects so a developer can easily find what is already done
> (for an example of "I didn't now about you project" see, e.g. "Modern
> COM Programming in D" thread), what is *planned* and what great projects
> have already failed (and, maybe, reveal it).
> A draft variant of how I see such page is this with a few projects added
> (note "Planned" tag (yes, empty for now)):
> http://deoma-cmd.ru/d/d-projects-list/
> Usage examples:
> * lets find a D compiler with release or beta maturity:
> http://deoma-cmd.ru/d/d-projects-list/?q=Compiler+Beta+Release
> * lets find not abandoned GUI library for D:
> http://deoma-cmd.ru/d/d-projects-list/?q=GUI+!Abandoned
> I'd like to put http://deoma-cmd.ru/d/d-projects-list/projects.js into
> GitHub so developers can fork and edit it.
> I'd like to hear (but yes, I can only read, this is NG) any thoughts
> about this idea.

It's a great idea. I used djangopackages.com a lot when I was doing a django 
project, something like this would be awesome for D. You might like to check 
it out, it has some nice features.

So, apparently djangopackages.com is built with opencomparison, which is an 
open source project in itself: http://opencomparison.org/

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