GitHub pull requests made easy

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Wed Feb 22 10:03:12 PST 2012

"Vladimir Panteleev" <vladimir at> wrote in message 
news:hvwkhrqbzbeeqhewmyed at
> The overhead of creating pull requests was getting to me, so I've written 
> a little script to make it easier:
> This script does three things:
> 1) Pushes the current branch to your GitHub fork
> 2) Sets the default remote for the branch, so that you can just type "git 
> push" to update your pull request
> 3) Opens a web browser on the "Create pull request" form, so that you 
> don't have to go to GitHub, navigate to your fork, select the new branch, 
> and click the "Pull Request" button.
> It will use your GitHub username (if you've set github.user) to find the 
> remote name of your fork. Otherwise, just specify the name of the remote 
> corresponding to your fork as the first parameter.
> If you create a git alias, you can type "git pullrequest" to run it. To do 
> that, add the line "pullrequest = !/path/to/ $*" to the 
> [alias] section of your ~/.gitconfig.
> The script is not specific to D; it will work for any GitHub fork.
> Happy contributing!

Great idea!

This is actually one example though of why I think GitHub/BitBucket-style 
functionality should be built into DVCSes.

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