Conclusions of the exception discussion

deadalnix deadalnix at
Sat Feb 25 03:30:08 PST 2012

Le 25/02/2012 10:11, Johannes Pfau a écrit :
> Am Fri, 24 Feb 2012 21:53:47 -0800
> schrieb Jonathan M Davis<jmdavisProg at>:
>> There were other ideas that were discussed in the thread, but I think
>> that these are the ones that we have at least some consensus on.
>> However, given the mess that thread is, we really should make it
>> clear in a separate thread (this thread) that we have a consensus
>> that these are indeed the things that we want to pursue to improve
>> exceptions in D and Phobos. Thoughts? Opinions?
>> - Jonathan M Davis
> What about that lisp exception/recovery idea? That was the most
> interesting idea imho.

This idea is very interesting, but we must separate it from the 
Exception issue. For separation of concerns, let's build this on top of 
the Exception system.

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