Deimos need some works

Wyatt wyatt.epp at
Thu Jul 18 04:37:40 PDT 2013

On Thursday, 18 July 2013 at 09:47:27 UTC, bioinfornatics wrote:
> problem here that is dub is showed to be the universal D way to 
> build and manage packaging. that is really a problem to 
> continue to support D project into offcial linux repository.
It really isn't.  It may become that if the community decides to 
adopt it officially, but for the time being, it's third-party 
code maintained as part of vibe.d.

> I can package dub and user use it for any reason but i need to 
> be able to build and install a project by following FHS and 
> other linux rules

Your job as a distro package maintainer is to package software 
for your distro; make sure the package interacts well with the 
system, such as by making sure it builds with the proper CFLAGS, 
works with --as-needed, installs files to the proper place, etc.; 
and, within a reasonable degree of certainty, ensure it won't 
break users' systems.

If it's not installing files in the right places, patch it.  
Then, contact the maintainers to see if you can have that patch 
upstreamed.  It's not a project's job to package software-- those 
that manage to do it and do it well are fortunate; in my 
experience, many of them are awful at it (especially LSI).  
Sometimes you'll need to help them understand what distros need 
so they can keep distro needs in mind going forward.  It's a 
two-way street.


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