[OT] Andrei's list of barriers to D adoption

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> I only know a certain portion of that world, but for example Jane 
> Street has done quite a lot for Ocaml, Bloomberg has released 
> some useful things including for languages, Morgan Stanley has 
> supported Scala, I have supported in a small way some things for 
> D and will be releasing a working Bloomberg API soon.  Don't look 
> for innovation to come from the banks because they have had other 
> things to deal with, but even there there is the beginning of a 
> broader change in mindset.

Jane Street are indeed well-known and well-renowned for their work with
OCaml. It works for them but remains a small niche with little

Bloomberg actually do a significant amount of indirect give-back for
C++ and a little for Java: they do a lot of sponsoring of C++ events
and have staff on standards committees. We at ACCUConf like Bloomberg.

I haven't been aware of Scala give-back from Morgan Stanley, I shall
hunt it out. The organizations I know using Scala generally stay pretty
quiet about it other than they are using it. Ditto for Python.

> Finance is just one more industry, but it's quite a pragmatic one 
> and still has a decent share of global IT spending.

I have made quite a lot of my income over the last 7 years from finance
industry, commercial banking and hedge funds, I am not complaining. :-)
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