Automate the collection and publishing of data for monitoring D's progress as a software development project

Mike Franklin slavo5150 at
Tue Aug 7 23:59:55 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 7 August 2018 at 17:47:45 UTC, Venu Vardhan Reddy 
Tekula wrote:
> Hello everyone, as I said before here, 
>, I am interested in "Automate the collection and publishing of data for monitoring D's progress as a software development project" which is part of SAOC.
> I have been into Web Development and worked on few projects. 
> Now I am actually learning data science as I am quite 
> interested in the field. I want to apply for this project as it 
> covers both of my interests, Web Development and Data Science.

Thanks for you interest and welcome to the D community.  Your 
skills will be valuable here if are willing to volunteer them to 
the D effort.

> The main crux of this project lies in scraping the data using 
> the required API's and generating a web app, which can actually 
> show a clear graph of what all things are happening to 
> everyone. The graph thing can be done using some libraries in 
> python. The web app can also be made using Python and Django.

While I'm not one of the people who will be judging the merits of 
such a project, I believe there is a high preference for at least 
the backend to be written in D.  There has been some progress 
with WebAssembly in D 
(, but it's highly experimental right now, so it might be best to write the frontend in the typical HTML/CSS/Javascript, or some framework built of those technologies like Angular, Vue, etc...

> I had some questions regarding the project and also needed some 
> pointers to get started with the project. Also, more it would 
> be great if more description of the project statement can be 
> provided.

My recommendations for getting started:
* Learn D.  Start here (, 
then look here (  Ask questions on 
the Learn forum, IRC, or even StackOverflow.
* Lean web programming in D.  Start with  Again, ask questions on the Learn forum , IRC, or even StackOverflow.

If you have questions about the project, please ask away.  
Specific questions are likely to get answers quickly; broad 
questions less so.

The description of the project is intentionally left vague in 
order to not constrain the participant's creativity.  What 
metrics do you think would be valuable to the D effort that you 
feel confident you can succeed with in the time constraints of 
the Autumn of Code event?  After the event, it would be super 
awesome if you could continue maintaining project and add to it.

If you have questions, ask away, but feel free to take the 
general idea and run with it.  Acceptance will likely be judged 
based on the merits of your proposal; not the idea from which it 
was formulated.  Also, the ideas on the Wiki are just ideas to 
plant a few seeds of creativity; you are also welcome use your 
own unique idea as the basis of your proposal.


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