Automate the collection and publishing of data for monitoring D's progress as a software development project

Venu Vardhan Reddy Tekula venuvardhanreddytekula8 at
Wed Aug 8 17:16:24 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 7 August 2018 at 23:59:55 UTC, Mike Franklin wrote:
> On Tuesday, 7 August 2018 at 17:47:45 UTC, Venu Vardhan Reddy 
> Tekula wrote:
>> [...]
> Thanks for you interest and welcome to the D community.  Your 
> skills will be valuable here if are willing to volunteer them 
> to the D effort.

It would be my pleasure to work with the D community. I am a 
member of the student club here in my university, called 
FOSS at Amrita ( which actually encourages 
students to contribute to Open Source projects. I have been into 
Open Source for a considerable amount of time.

>> [...]
> While I'm not one of the people who will be judging the merits 
> of such a project, I believe there is a high preference for at 
> least the backend to be written in D.  There has been some 
> progress with WebAssembly in D 
> (, but it's highly experimental right now, so it might be best to write the frontend in the typical HTML/CSS/Javascript, or some framework built of those technologies like Angular, Vue, etc...

Sure, I will move on with these things for the frontend.

>> [...]
> My recommendations for getting started:
> * Learn D.  Start here (, 
> then look here (  Ask questions on 
> the Learn forum, IRC, or even StackOverflow.
> * Lean web programming in D.  Start with 
>  Again, ask questions on the Learn forum , IRC, or even StackOverflow.

Thank you for the suggestions. I started learning D, btw. :D

> If you have questions about the project, please ask away.  
> Specific questions are likely to get answers quickly; broad 
> questions less so.
> The description of the project is intentionally left vague in 
> order to not constrain the participant's creativity.  What 
> metrics do you think would be valuable to the D effort that you 
> feel confident you can succeed with in the time constraints of 
> the Autumn of Code event?  After the event, it would be super 
> awesome if you could continue maintaining project and add to it.

Sure, it is a super cool project and I am really excited to be a 
part of it.

> If you have questions, ask away, but feel free to take the 
> general idea and run with it.  Acceptance will likely be judged 
> based on the merits of your proposal; not the idea from which 
> it was formulated.  Also, the ideas on the Wiki are just ideas 
> to plant a few seeds of creativity; you are also welcome use 
> your own unique idea as the basis of your proposal.
> Mike

Sure. I will make sure that I will give my best in giving the 
ideas and also work accordingly for implementing them too.


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