It is the year 2020: why should I use / learn D?

Chris wendlec at
Sun Nov 25 14:26:06 UTC 2018

On Saturday, 24 November 2018 at 18:02:59 UTC, welkam wrote:

> The real reason he is upset is because reality didnt match with 
> his internal view(expectations). This creates anger, 
> disturbance(dont know better words). Then "left brain" tries to 
> come up with reasons to explain this feeling and thats what you 
> get in his posts. Left brain coming up with reasons.

I don't have a "left brain" - I'm not a mutant. I have one brain 
(that has two halves). My unreasonable expectations are 
surprisingly reasonable in other languages / communities.

> People in neuroscience know for some time now that brain comes 
> up with possible sounding explanations that are not the real 
> reasons. Here are example from split brain. Talking about left 
> explaining stuff start at 1:16
> Another example from Sam Harris. 19:55-20:10

Possible sounding explanation of unreasonable person:

- bad leadership, chaos, lack of vision / strategy, lack of 
understanding how business works

Real explanation:

- stupid user who doesn't understand D's philosophy and higher 

> If you want these kinds of post to go away start managing 
> expectation (almost impossible) or improve D (the thing you 
> already doing)

Once this kind of posts are gone, it will mean one of two things:

either: 1. D has become a sound and reliable language with a good 

or: 2. D has been abandoned by everyone but the zealots.

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