It is the year 2020: why should I use / learn D?

welkam wwwelkam at
Sun Nov 25 19:49:43 UTC 2018

On Sunday, 25 November 2018 at 14:26:06 UTC, Chris wrote:
> I don't have a "left brain" - I'm not a mutant. I have one 
> brain (that has two halves).

those quotes are there for a reason. Its not to be taken 
literally. Real explanation would take too much typing. Also did 
you watch the CCP grey video in my post?

> My unreasonable expectations are surprisingly reasonable in 
> other languages / communities.

You mean languages with smaller scope and bigger resources? Like 
kotlin or rust? They both have lower scope than D and more 
resources. The closes to D in terms of scope and resources is nim 
and its rough on edges too. I would argue even more rough than D. 
So what D and nim have in common? Lack of resources.

> Possible sounding explanation of unreasonable person:
> - bad leadership, chaos, lack of vision / strategy, lack of 
> understanding how business works
> Real explanation:
> - stupid user who doesn't understand D's philosophy and higher 
> goals.

In that post I treated you as human. Human that is just like me 
and billions of others. When you look at human brain close enough 
you will find strange thing.

I dont know how you can look at $1605 per month and say "yeah you 
can hire loads of high skilled developers to do awesome job". (im 
exaggerating to make a point)

Look at that number as long as you need until you get it. I have 
80-90% agreement with what is wrong with D but I dont act like 
you. That number is a reason.

P.s. If you want people to think of you as reasonable person dont 
compare non-profit open source project to for profit organization.

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