Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

mipri mipri at
Thu Oct 3 11:59:08 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 3 October 2019 at 11:14:41 UTC, Chris wrote:
> One reason (among many) why even
> great projects in D are ignored is D's atrocious ecosystem.

The rhetorical value of hyperbolic language like this is that 
it's so
rare in these forums. Everyone's just so peppy and ra-ra about D 
the time that it's very startling to see any dissent.

> In
> Python and Java for example I can download stuff I need,
> install dependencies (pip and gradle/maven) and that's usually
> it.

Hi. I don't know what you're talking about, because I've done
exactly this with dub, but I have some guesses.

Option #1: Python and Java are super popular, so anything you 
to need will probably be downloadable and immediately usable. 
don't use D because people don't use D."

Potential technical answer to option #1: use D. By this measure
you'll contribute to people using D, and by an increment solve
the problem of people not using D.

Option #2: with Python and Java it's much more common for tools 
to be
written in only Python and Java, and to only depend on other
pure-Python and pure-Java libraries, so that when you want 
you can just download a bunch of Python or Java code and it works.
With D you'll more often hit a requirement to install some system
libraries, and then you have to look that up, which is a pain.

Potential technical answer to option #2: teach dub about common OS
package systems so that it can A) suggest OS dependencies, and B)
install OS dependencies. "I noticed that the binary I just built 
linking to these libraries, because I ran ldd on it. Then I did a 
whatprovides /path/to/libraries and I found some RPMs. Do you 
want to
add those as CentOS 7 OS dependencies for this project? This won't
prevent anyone from installing your library, but it will make
installation much easier on CentOS 7."

Option #3. There are a bunch of technical inconveniences with dub 
you won't describe because you've mentioned them before and 
happened and now everyone agrees that D has an atrocious 

In the third case, sorry for intruding on your established 
but could you at least mention an actual problem with dub when it
comes up? Any one of the actual problems, as opposed to the fake
problem of "you can't just download D stuff and use it the way you
can with Python."

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