Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

mipri mipri at
Thu Oct 3 17:50:09 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 3 October 2019 at 16:57:13 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad 
> On Thursday, 3 October 2019 at 13:47:57 UTC, mipri wrote:
>> Read what I say instead of lazily continuing your unproductive
>> bitch-fest into pseudo-conversation with me, and you'll catch
>> obvious sarcasm just fine.
> You went ad-hominem.

Suppose a neighbor deliberately poisons your dog. How should you
respond? By poisoning the neighbor's dog? What if you're morally
opposed to poisoning animals in general? What if the neighbor 
have a dog?

Offenses can't always be replied to in kind. You shouldn't be so 
for specific forms of offense that seeing them blinds you to 

For example, even if I wanted to hold a grudge over this rude 
post of
yours, such that I'd wait for an opportunity to jump in *after*
you've stopped arguing with someone to say "woah! Let's all settle
down!", followed by mischaracterizations of your behavior in the
argument, I just wouldn't remember to do it. And I'm morally 
to posts such as yours, or to holding petty grudges.

> I don't really understand
> why you want Chris to sugar-coat his views.

This is the timeline:

Chris expresses a view that D has an atrocious ecosystem, that you
can't just download and use D code like you can in Python and 

I then complain mildly and indirectly about the hyperbolic 
but mainly: I ask for details on what's so bad about the 
and write a lot about potential badnesses that Chris could've 
You probably don't think this is "asking for sugarcoating" yet, 

Chris then sneers that I am saying that D is "the best language 
in the
world" and that I am attacking him as a heretic, which is extra
special annoying as this is blatantly a prepared reply to "someone
complaining about his D bashing" rather than a reply to what I
actually complained about. Interpersonally, this is interrupting
someone and smugly rebutting what you think they're trying to
say--while being wrong about what they mean to say, while
characterizing them as a stupid fanboy. Nothing ad hominen here, I

There's then some back and forth about my sarcasm, because Chris
offered nothing else to talk about, and I took the bait as I am 

> Again, I really
> hope that the D community don't scare off people with the
> theoretical knowledge to design memory management solutions
> that works well.

Just post about other stuff. Bump other threads. Talk about Nim 
in the
Nim thread instead of about arguments that you didn't pay a lot of
attention to. Or if you want to offer some general appeals like 
hopes for the D community, do that, and just that. You don't 
care the timeline above, right? So why make some non-ad-hominen
remarks suggestions that read a bit like "we really need a 
in here to handle hotheads that insult people so obviously that I
notice it after they fail to get someone else to sugarcoat their
views"? What part of that didn't you think wouldn't lead to more
posts about the thing you're wanting to go away?

I've been repeatedly insulted for asking for technical details 
a vacuous and meaningless complaint about D. Because I was 
in them. Because I'm interested in improvements to the thing I saw
complained about. I don't feel bad about some mild words like 
"unproductive", or "bitch-fest". What I've learned is to not 
asking for details about vacuous complaints in here. People can 
they care about their own stated positions by being at least a 
technical or specific at the outset.

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