Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

bachmeier no at
Fri Oct 18 14:20:00 UTC 2019

On Friday, 18 October 2019 at 12:48:52 UTC, FeepingCreature wrote:
> On Friday, 18 October 2019 at 12:42:42 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
>> Moderation: Something all sites must do in 2019.
>> Censorship: A government punishing someone for speech.
>> There's no fear of censorship until Walter becomes the leader 
>> of a country.
>> Let's use the mailing list for its purpose, which is to 
>> discuss the development of the language, not to complain about 
>> moderation or engage in efforts to convince people the 
>> language is hopeless.
> I agree with you on matters of proper moderation, but this is a 
> ridiculous definition of censorship that itself borders on the 
> political. Because usually when one wants to define censorship 
> as something governments do, it's because one wants 
> non-government institutions to be able to censor people without 
> being accused of censorship.
> It makes *some* limited sense in the context of "free speech", 
> where many people genuinely mix up the human value and the 
> freedom from government interference guaranteed in the US 
> constitution. It makes no sense in the context of "censorship."
> And I say that as somebody in favor of moderation!

The point I was making is that you'd have to make a very big leap 
to go from this situation into anything that can reasonably be 
called censorship. Nobody's forcing Chris out of a position as 
CEO of Mozilla because he doesn't like D. Ironically, if anyone 
is engaged in censorship, it's Chris. He's posting here only to 
publicize bad things about D on the language's official website. 
He wants to prevent this community from having a way to 

That's all I'm going to say about this topic. It's crazy to throw 
out "censorship" at all.

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