Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

Chris wendlec at
Sat Oct 19 10:09:06 UTC 2019

On Friday, 18 October 2019 at 16:17:15 UTC, bachmeier wrote:

> If you prefer, call it marketing. When someone posts something 
> good about the language, you jump in and start running it down 
> to make sure that anyone reading that thread stays away from D. 
> So yes, you are engaging in censorship. You are preventing 
> others from having a usable platform to express their opinion. 
> It's unimportant censorship so it doesn't bother me.

The thing is this: in every thread people start to moan about why 
D is not popular enough, and the same points come up again and 
again, I don't shift the goal posts, I'm quite consistent:

stability / tooling / support for mobile

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it and yet I'm the bad 
guy for mentioning it. Finally, people have started to work on 
ARM support (Android/iOS), because it seems that there is no way 
to ignore mobile any longer. Good. The funny thing is that the 
same person who demanded better tooling and supports or is behind 
the iOS effort attacked me for making the exact same points.

The conversation between Átila and Rumbu revealed one big problem 
here. Because Átila doesn't use certain features (OOP) he doesn't 
even realize that people might have issues with certain areas of 
D. Átila makes an effort to address this, fair play to him. 
However, in the past were these issues not only declared 
non-issues but the users who brought them up would be attacked 
and ridiculed. No wonder the whole thing has become toxic.

I hope Átila will open his ears and his mind and take some of the 
suggestions on board.

> And for the record, I wouldn't ban you if I were in charge. But 
> I do think it would be reasonable for someone else to do so, 
> because there's no reason anyone should have a right to run an 
> anti-D campaign on the D mailing list. It annoyed the hell out 
> of me that you would go so far as complain about censorship.

So you'd prefer that somebody else did the dirty job for you. 

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