Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at
Sun Sep 29 13:07:39 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 01:29:59 UTC, Benjiro wrote:
> all i wanted was a god darn simple HTTP server that
> worked and kept working on release updates

lol i wrote one in 2008, and it still works to this day. Very 
rarely breaks, I have broad forward and backward compatibility 
with compiler versions.

I sometimes wish I actually put in Phobos like Andrei wanted me 
to back in the day. I just couldn't be bothered; I actually see 
users as a liability (you cost me time and offer me nothing) so 
like meh.

But still, I hear this complaint over and over again and it 
really just seems to be a problem with vibe.d rather than the 
language per se.

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