Flutter engine based ui framework

Sebastiaan Koppe mail at skoppe.eu
Thu Jan 16 09:35:33 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at 12:01:05 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad 
> On Monday, 13 January 2020 at 08:11:49 UTC, Sebastiaan Koppe 
> wrote:
>> On Sunday, 12 January 2020 at 23:08:16 UTC, Ola Fosheim 
>> Grøstad wrote:
>>> Hm, how would you do that when the UI components are written 
>>> in Dart? Generate Dart VM code?
>> I don't know, I haven't looked into it. But the repo the OP 
>> linked to did the same from JS, and Dart has a C FFI as well, 
>> so there must be a way in somehow.
> Ok, I don't know how they go about this, but there is a way to 
> add isolates dynamically through data URIs in the JITted 
> version of Dart. Never tried myself though.
> Apparently this capability is not available when using AoT 
> (seems reasonable).

Nah. I think they generate some Dart glue code to help with the 

>> The point is that we ought to be able to, otherwise the UI 
>> programming community is just replacing one silo for another.
> Yes, although it makes more sense to do all the UI stuff in 
> Dart and instead use other languages as "service providers".

I am talking about leveraging the multi-platform components from 
Flutter, and move as much of the UI composition and logic to D.

Not just Flutter really, anything. I mean, I like React, but no 
JS. I like Flutter, but no Dart. Why do all these frameworks get 
you locked into their language? Is there a technical reason?

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