Better branding of -betterC

Paulo Pinto pjmlp at
Mon Nov 16 19:04:48 UTC 2020

On Monday, 16 November 2020 at 17:15:03 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad 
> ...
> Not sure where D is heading... But yeah, too many people that 
> wanted to use D for highly interactive apps have moved on. 
> Trying to convince those that remain that the current GC is 
> good for this application space will obviously not encourage 
> them to stay. So not sure what the purpose of such rhetorical 
> games are...
> Cheers!

They moved on to Unity.

Despite some "I know best" comments, go to IGDA forums, GDC 
talks, UK magazine MCV/Develop, IGF and notice that Unity is 
always among the first party support from 
Microsoft/Apple/Google/Sony/Nintendo for game engines on their 
platforms and AR/VR.

So while some people here spread GC hate around D, and how 
unsuitable it is for doing games, others are building their game 
related business with some flavour of C#.

It doesn't matter if there some C++ to go alongside C#, most 
studios are polyglot and don't see a nail in every problem.

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