Anyone in touch with codecov team ? We need assert(0); and assert(false); lines to be ignored

Basile B. b2.temp at
Thu Feb 11 11:17:29 UTC 2021

Just like exposed in the title, every assert(false); and 
assert(0); line is counted as not covered by CodeCov reports. But 
given D semantics, this is really not supposed to be covered. If 
at some point this is covered this mean that your program has 
crashed and that you will fix something and finally you see that 
the objective here is really that those special assertions must 
not be covered.

If anyone is in touch with codecov or has been, it's been nice to 
suggest those two statements in their ignore rules (just like 
curly braces).

I see criticism comming, such as "they cannot handle 
assert(/*yeah*/false/**/)", but I think that this does not 
matter. The regexes for the two most common cases would be great 
to get more accurate reports.

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