Scientific computing and parallel computing C++23/C++26

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at
Sat Jan 15 19:49:03 UTC 2022

On Thursday, 13 January 2022 at 23:28:01 UTC, Guillaume Piolat 
> As a former GPGPU guy: can you explain in what ways dcompute 
> improves life over using CUDA and OpenCL through 
> DerelictCL/DerelictCUDA (I used to maintain them and I think 
> nobody ever used them). Using the API directly seems to offer 
> the most control to me, and no special compiler support.

Forgot to respond to this. This probably does not apply to 
*dcompute*, but Bryce pointed out in his presentation how you 
could step through your "GPU code" on the CPU using a regular 
debugger since the parallel code was regular C++. Not exactly 
sure how that works, but I would imagine that they provide 
functions that match the GPU?

That sounds like a massive productivity advantage to me if you 
want to write complicated "shaders".

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