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forkit forkit at
Wed Jan 19 04:29:03 UTC 2022

On Wednesday, 19 January 2022 at 02:45:44 UTC, matheus wrote:
> Again there is no syncing, you open the bug in the Forum and 
> "someone" do a glance over it and check if it's not a joke/spam 
> and just marked to be created on the Bugzilla.

I think it's certainly worthwhile to think about, having a 
feature that allows anonymous submission of a 'possible' bug, 
just through the forum (where someone on the forum is already 
logged in). This has the advantage of not 'requiring' that user 
to go off and find some website and create an account (although 
there is nothing stopping them from doing that).

The main advantage is that possible issues in a discussion don't 
get lost in that discussion just because there's no immediate, 
convenient way to raise the issue.

An issues once submitted anonmously (i.e. using forum login 
details), would need to be triaged by someone.

Either it is an a possible issue, in which case the person 
triaging it submits it as one, formally, or it's not an issue, in 
which case it's marked as such, or not enough info to decide, in 
which case it's left there, but marked as triagged, so people 
know it hasn't been ignored.

In essence, it's like 1st level helpdesk, whereas bugzilla is 
next level.

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