[dmd-internals] To consume pull requests for trivial bugs

Don Clugston dclugston at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 23:53:14 PDT 2012

On 23 August 2012 01:02, Leandro Lucarella <luca at llucax.com.ar> wrote:
> Don Clugston, el 22 de August a las 13:13 me escribiste:
>> On 22 August 2012 13:10, Leandro Lucarella <luca at llucax.com.ar> wrote:
>> > Andrei Alexandrescu, el 21 de August a las 19:14 me escribiste:
>> >> On 8/21/12 7:03 PM, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
>> >> >The only authoritative reviewer
>> >> >now is Walter because is the only one that can commit.
>> >>
>> >> That's not the case.
>> >
>> > Then I'm outdated, would you be kind enough to inform me which people is
>> > pushing changes to the DMD public repo other than Walter?
>> I am, together with Kenji and Brad.
> Thank you. I didn't know you were, Kenji said the invitation was recent
> and he was the trigger of all this thread. I didn't count Brad because
> AFAIK he usually only pushed infrastructure and auto-tester stuff.
> And I'm curious, are your commits are previously peer-reviewed by
> anyone? Do you push other people's commits?

We *only* push other people's commits, not our own.
It is recent, I've only merged about a dozen so far, mostly old ones
created by Daniel (yebblies), whose patches have historically been the
most neglected

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