[Greylist-users] How do you know when you are ready?

martin dempsey mjd at digitaleveryware.com
Thu Feb 26 13:04:16 PST 2004

> One of the big ones I'm also adding is tracking
> of the HELO id, since many spammers seem to use easily identifiably bogus
> ones.
Hi Evan:

Are you going to publish the "HELO id" thing in a new version of the 
greylisting specification? I'd like to keep my exim/qmail implementation in 
sync with your sendmail one and add the good features you come up with both 
for my own benefit and so that when people talk about greylisting, everyone 
is on the same page. Perhaps its time to add a version number such as 
greylisting version 1 does x and version 1.1 does x+y?


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