[Greylist-users] Re: Greylist Greatness! My New App is Now Available!

Peter SJF Bance Minstrel at minstrel.org.uk
Fri Jul 2 14:22:18 PDT 2004

Billy, everyone, please calm down!

I do not have the time to read through source code, much less the 'flexible' vaguaries of PHP.  But at first sight:

1. License: the 'BSD' is a humorous thing, not intended to elicit money but to raise a smile
2. Functionality: if it works, it works. If not, don't use it.  Test before running.  I can see no immediately-obvious covert channels, so you're probably safe testing.
3. PHP as an e-mail filter?  I think it's the first time I've seen that done, but perhaps it's the future.  I hope not, as PHP is not yet stable on the security side, but perhaps!
4. A word of advice to Billy - if I was working for a bank, any bank, and that's not to say I haven't (!), I wouldn't be quite so liberal in talking about it.

In summary, Greylisting does work, but you have to be pretty careful about your configuration.  So far (running a mail-forwarding environment for 100 or so users), I've found the best approach is to set:

$delay_mail_secs = -1;  # TEMPFAIL once, then pass

Most MTAs are happy with that, and it has still reduced spam volume by about 90%...

Let's not bitch about implementation variations, but move towards making this thing work.

Peter SJF Bance CEng MBCS
CESG and BCS Listed Security Adviser

Billy B. Bilano wrote:

> Jason,
> You just go ahead and audit it all you want!
> It is a perfectly functional greylisting application and when you see 
> how well it works you can feel free to apologize to me and, if you are 
> lucky, I will grace you with an acceptance. I can forgive but I will 
> never forget!
> It is not fake, it is a great little greylist app for the Postfix! 
> Download it and see.
> http://www.bilano.biz/
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